Frequently Asked Questions!

Fraud Prevention

Never make a transaction for someone else, without knowing who they are, or what it is for. You could be unknowingly aiding criminal activity, and opening up yourself to criminal prosecution.

Also consider that, if you do not know this person, and you were promised payment, there's no guarantee you'll get paid. And there's nothing you could possibly do about it, if they're anonymous.

AllCoinATM operates a cryptocurrency payment service. Like other network providers, AllCoinATM is not responsible for your actions on the networks.

AllCoinATM cannot help you if you deal with someone or for a purpose that you haven't taken the steps to verify.

Remember: All Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.

How to buy CryptoCurrency?

  1. Select CryptoCurrency to buy  — Bring your mobile wallet (app), or paper wallet, to the ATM. If you do not have a wallet follow onscreen instructions to create one.
  2. Scan Your Wallet's QR Code — Hold its QR code up to the scanner. It will be read instantly.
  3. Insert CAD Bank Notes — Insert your Canadian (CAD) bills into the machine. With each bill you insert, the ATM will update the amount of CryptoCurrency you will receive.
  4. Receive Your CryptoCurrency — Once you confirm your purchase, your CryptoCurrency will be deposited into your wallet.

Here is a short video of purchasing bitcoins with our ATMs without existing wallet

Here is a short video of purchasing bitcoins with our ATMs using existing wallet

I have a Bitcoin transaction that is taking very long time to get 1 confirmation, is this normal ?

Sometimes Bitcoin network gets very busy. It can take up to 24 hours to receive confirmations.

I just bought Bitcoin but it is not in my wallet.

Some wallets display transactions with > 5 confirmations. Enter your wallet address into for instant check.

I sent Cryptocurrency to a wallet that does not belong to me. Can I get my Bitcoin back ?

All cryptocurrency transactions are final and non reversible. Make sure if you buy cryptocurrency to scan the wallet address that belongs to you and do not send cryptocurrencies to third parties!

Is there any difference between the different Bitcoin Wallet app?

They all have the core functions i.e. to store, receive, send cryptocurrencies. Some have more security features. Do your own research prior to buying any cryptocurrency.

What are the limits for buying Cryptocurrencies?

Our ATM machines can take cash from $5 to $9000 per visit.

Your ATM machine does not scan my qr code.

Lower the brightness of your smartphone.

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